We know all about baby blankets and quilts cause that's our thing.  But are you confused by all the lingo..quilt, comforter, bedspread, quilt cover, duvet cover, doona, blanket ???

Lets clear it up for you now .

Our patchwork quilts are made up of three layers..the top labour intensive patchwork layer, the middle batting layer and then the backing.  Then it needs to be pinned together so that the three layers can be sewn together. We sew along all our seams (also known as stitch in the ditch) but some people may quilt in a decorative or freehand style.

What makes a quilt special is the extra time that goes into them.  If they don't have the internal layer of batting then it would be a blanket..  A quilt is also sometimes referred to as a comforter or bedspread..it is thin and a perfect weight for summer or as an extra layer in winter.

We also make quilt/doona covers or duvet covers (I'm pretty sure duvet is a European term) which require an insert to be placed inside of them.  They are normally more puffy and thicker depending on the quilt insert you use.

We recommend you use a quilt cover that compliments your patchwork quilt once baby is over 12 mths of age as per SIDS guidelines.

We also make blankets..our cot blankets are made from two layers of cotton jersey (like a tshirt fabric) so they are soft and cuddly and ready to take anywhere.