Dream Nursery Guarantee

We don't just sell baby blankets... Did you know about our Dream Nursery Guarantee??

Well let me tell you about it now...

You're pregnant.. It may be your first, it may have taken you a long time to make this happen, you may be thinking, how one earth am I going to raise a real life baby? (or maybe that was just me ;) but generally you are totally excited to be planning your dream nursery for this little person.

A space to bond, to spend time together, to grow.. we understand the importance of this space to you and the need for it to be perfect.

So you get nesting.

You pin, you google, you check out baby stores both bricks and mortar and online, you search insta tags. You get inspired.....you get overwhelmed....

You may see our products online but wonder.... 

"How will I know the quality of the products?"

"Will this suit my nursery once it arrives?"

"It's a lot of money to spend if I get it and it's not right"


Well let me tell you something..I totally understand and can relate to those concerns, and here at Alphabet Monkey the last thing we want is to have someone feeling that their nursery is not right and that they are stuck with their purchase. 

No way thats just bad karma.

We want your nursery to be perfect too..thats part of the huge reward we get from feedback and pictures we have received from our customers over the years. And those customers have returned to us for their second and third babies.

So back to our Dream Nursery Guarantee.. if you are not completely in love with your items you can send them back to us within 7 days and get a refund.

Over nearly 7 years of running this tiny biz, I've always offered this and do you want to know how many have been returned????? Zero..yep zero.

That's why I'm confident to offer this guarantee to you.

Customer Feedback

We have changed websites a few times over the years but we have been on Etsy since the beginning and we welcome you to check out our reviews and rating on there.

You can follow the link HERE